07 June 2012

Menai Challenge

Today's bad weather gives me the chance to catch up on a few things. Aled has posted his latest time for the Menai Challenge, a PB I believe and less than a minute down on Jeff Parker - close.  http://www.performanceseakayak.co.uk/Pages/MenaiChallengeResults2012.html
But what's going on with the long course? Out of the 'locals' there are only the Level 5's and Fatboy who've given it a go this year - are we all getting old?

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Jim W said...

I had meant to have a bash at the long course the day you set off, but having been beset by strong winds for the days before and having our options further limited by someones seasickness, enthusiasm had waned all round and when no-one even wanted to run the shuttle with me I found it all too easy to can it for another day....

Not been paddling enough recently, did a little trip with my dad on Monday (Priest island) and now my wrists hurt, can't decide if it is paddling related or down to driving my new car with it's relatively flat steering wheel position. I have noticed that kayakers never wave back when you are carrying your boat in the car. It's almost like no-one can conceive that you have your Taran hidden in the car.....

Good luck getting round the Surf West!