07 June 2012

Tent Pegs

Hello Marcus
Thanks for the heads-up on the tent peg. I contacted James at the Swanage campsite but it appears that there are actually a number of tent pegs left there - each engraved with the name 'M. Demuth' (obviously they belong to some sort of tight arse).
I think if you take a look at the Performance Sea Kayak rules page - UK Circumnavigations - Para. 9f. Sub-paras 93 c(+d) you will find that ' The timing for any record attempt will not be complete until any and all equipment involved has been fully accounted for'
I think to that end your 80 day record is probably nearer 750 (at the time of writing) - oops!
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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with, and highly respect, the Performance Sea Kayaking rules Para. 9f, 93 c (d). However, a clear and obvious mistake must have been occured to associate me with these rules, since my name (or my kayaking activities) have never been in the past, and will not be in the future, associated with the word or meaning "Performance" in any sense. Obviously, an errourous and foolish association had been made between my name and activities which are associated with efforts, sweat, sportmanship etc.

Marcus Demuth