03 July 2012

Page 3 Stunner!

I'm not very good at that self-publicity lark, in fact I'm rather crap at it. I find it all a little grubby and vulgar, I'd just rather go paddling. But then I do understand the 'need' for it now and then, especially with sponsors on-board etc. But as the 'Fat lad from Nottingham' would say, I can be a bit of a corporate whore when I need to. Oh, yes I can be a bit of a devil if I try.

But it still is not something I'm good at, nor enjoy. And so to that end I let the Team Clockwise PR department loose to do their work.

The North Wales Office (also known as the Office of the Logisitics Manager, Transport Manager, Nutritionist, Psychologist, Coach, Mentor, Accommodation Manager, Quartermaster, Mission Control and well, just The Boss) managed to get me a full page, Page 3 spread (eat your heart out 'Stacey from Essex'!) in the North Wales Daily Post. With, if I say so myself, a rather fetching photo too.
You can see an online version here:  http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/need_to_read/2012/06/25/north-wales-kayaker-breaks-uk-record-by-8-days-despite-weather-55578-31253075/ but the photo looked much better in the print version of course!

Ah, but it didn't stop there: a live interview on BBC Radio Wales at 'Drivetime'!  - S***, who the f*** would put me on the radio - live? I ask you. Best behaviour Fatboy.
If it's still there - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01k05ry

And then, not to be outdone, the North West Office (aka Little Brother) wangled another, yes another(!) full page, Page 3 spread (sorry to usurp you 'Chantelle from Oldham' but such is life)  - this time in the Lancashire Evening Post:
Nice photo, where's the guide dog?

But the celebrity lifestyle doesn't end there, oh no! I was on my best, with a hint of dashing and raffish, behaviour for an interview with a very pleasant young lady from the Garstang Courier - out on Wednesday I believe!

Will life ever be the same again?


But still, it's all a bit of a giggle for the fat knacker with the canoe.

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