03 July 2023


Well as the wind eased I finally managed to escape the not unpleasant clutches of Bude.
As I prepped to go Sam Roberts came over for a chat. Sam is a level 5 surf coach working from Bude; we chatted about the boat, the trip and paddling things in general. But once again it was soon time to get on with the job.
As expected the 2 day break meant things were a little rusty and sore, my top arm always grumbles after a break - but such is life.
The surf was none too big but I still got a bit of a splashing on the way out. Out back there was a 2-4ft swell and a bit of a breeze, but the sun was playing the game today.
This was a good opportunity to do a bit of compass practice, so I set out on the pre-planned bearing - intrigued to see what would come of it.
After a few hours things were pleasingly about right, so I got bored with that game and dialled in a 3k offset and went for a big ferry instead.
After all the weather the vis was good (I first saw the island at around 17miles) and Lundy steadily loomed larger and larger. The ferry was working fine and so I trimmed the offset a little and headed for the SW corner.
As I closed I figured I would cross the tiderace and then skirt the cliffs to the SE corner and the landing bay. But the swell made things just a touch too unpleasant close in, so I caught the flow again and rounded the corner into the tranquility of the bay. 5hrs from Bude.
Next was a long and rather physical haul up to the top for a quick drink in the Tavern and over to the campsite. You won't be the first to tell me I could have left the boat at the bottom, but I would just have been walking up and down that hill all night for the kit I forgot.
After food I took a walk up the island, nice scenery; but all too soon it was time to head back to finish tomorrow's plan and write this entry for you dear reader.

I hope you appreciate the sacrifices I make for you!
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Bob Perry said...

I climbed on Lundy in the 80's and can still remember drinking Old Lundy Ale until midnight when the electricity was turned off and we were kicked out of the pub. Your blog is appreciated. Good luck tomorrow. look out for pirates.

Mike Mayberry said...

Enjoying your blog John, I guess you'll be arriving in Pembrokeshire today. If you need anything give me a shout and I'll get it to you. I've sent you a text too, let me know, Mike

Ollie said...

Well done John, about to get back to Wales, that must be a great feeling!
Take care, all down hill now.

Catherine said...

Sore top arm... hmmm maybe a Greenland paddle would help that?